• VPS Investor Portal

    VPS Client Services provides your customers with information on all their VPS-registered securities. In a completely new graphic appearance, the investors will be able to follow the development of their VPS portfolios, giving them various overviews of their recent holdings and transactions as well as historic data.

  • VPS Scrip Dividend Programme

    The VPS Scrip Dividend Programme provides issuers with a flexible service when allowing shareholders to select if they would like dividend paid in cash, shares or a combination thereof. The programme supports both small and large companies.

  • VPS Client onboarding

    We are launching the VPS Client onboarding, a self-service customer and account opening service. The service addresses challenges related to a safe and efficient process for opening a customer relationship with a Share Savings Account or an account for trading in mutual funds . By automating this, we are making everyday life easier for both the account operators and the investors.

  • Share Savings

    The Share Savings programme is a cost efficient service that is intended to encourage increased investment in shares among private investors. The service will help to lower the threshold for saving in shares by focusing on long-term savings.

  • VPS Issuer Services

    VPS Issuer Services provides the company with easy access to information about its shareholders. The share register will automatically be updated with purchases and sales, and you will be able to extract overviews of both current and historical ownership structure of the company.

  • Register your company with VPS

    VPS offers a broad range of services for companies. Through our automated solutions for corporate actions, general meetings and distribution of information, the company can easily administer all aspects of managing the shares. Updated information on shareholders is always available.

  • VPS Corporate

    VPS Corporate is a service designed to meet the needs of account operators and investment firms carrying out tasks on behalf of companies. The service provides access to information on securities registered with VPS and facilitates corporate actions such as new issues, distribution issues and acquisitions

  • GF Custody

    GF Custody is a solution offered to sub-custodians to assist in connection with annual general meetings. In order for foreign investors to exercise their voting rights, VPS offers a solution that efficiently automates the re-registration of nominee-registered shares and registers the proxy voting instructions.

  • VPS Tax services - FATCA and CRS

    VPS offers a subscription for registering and reporting of FATCA and CRS data. The subscription scheme simplifies the reporting of information to the tax authorities that account operators are required to comply with according to international tax agreement

  • Nominee ID

    Nominee ID identifies beneficial owners and fund managers holding securities registered in nominee accounts and not appearing in the company’s VPS shareholder registry. The service is available through the web-based customer portal IR InTouch.

  • General Meetings

    Our service covers all stages of arranging general meetings. It provides assistance in preparing and organizing meetings as well as support at the meeting itself, saving the company time and money.

  • VPS Employee Share Savings

    VPS Employee Share Savings is the most comprehensive program for companies that want to encourage employees to participate in the company’s growth and value creation. We offer a solution that simplifies and streamlines the administrative tasks involved.

  • VPS Monitoring Solution

    VPS Monitoring Solution is a service for monitoring employees’ trading in securities carried out on their proprietary accounts. The service provides an efficient assistance to keep you in compliance with the duties imposed by Section 8 of the Securities Trading Act.

  • VPS Clearing and Settlement

    VPS Clearing and Settlement is a service for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the Norwegian central securities settlement. The service is also a valuable tool for liquidity banks and asset managers.

  • VPS Settlement Benchmark

    VPS Settlement Benchmark provides statistics for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the VPS settlement system. The service facilitates comparisons between own data and market data and is also available to liquidity banks and lenders to the securities loan pool.

  • Message Exchange ISO 15022

    VPS uses the international standard for the exchange of electronic messages between participants in the securities markets, ISO 15022. This allows participants in the settlement system to apply the same standard for their communications with both customers and VPS.

  • Automatic securities lending programme

    The automatic securities lending programme helps reduce the incidence of transactions that cannot be settled due to lack of securities. The service lets the participants execute their transactions as agreed with their counterparts.

  • VPS Bilateral securities lending

    VPS facilitates bilateral securities lending. Our system solution simplifies registration of the loan agreements and the conditions therefore. VPS arranges for establishment and redemption of the loan whereas the lender and borrower agree on the corresponding business terms.

  • Extended balance check and sweeping

    Extended balance check is a service for settlement participants that have their securities on several accounts and would like to see them as a whole when VPS carries out the balance checks. If securities required for settlement are not available, extended balance checking can be used to identify securities held on other accounts.

  • Electronic reports

    Companies spend considerable amounts each year on printing and distributing various types of documents. Electronic reports is a reliable method for companies to communicate with their shareholders quickly and cost efficiently. Electronic reports enables your company to bring together all investor information into one channel.

  • Subscription Client

    The Subscription Client streamlines the subscription process for both investors and subscription offices by allowing applications to be submitted without faxing or mailing paper forms. The service is available in VPS Client Services and can be linked to the company’s website and/or a website used by the subscription offices as required.

  • VPS Investor Services

    VPS Investor Services (VPS IS) gives you easy access to our services for managing the investors’ accounts. Our basic services can be supplemented with additional functionality that assists you in offering a professional client support. All elements of the additional functionality are designed as a natural extension of the basic services.

  • Fund Services

    Fund Services is a state of the art shareholder register and transfer agency solution, built to support a high efficient fund administration. Fund Services contains functionality for Fund Administration, Shareholder register, including full order history, Order and Settlement processing and Reporting.

  • VPS Unit Holders’ Meeting

    VPS offers fund managers an efficient solution for preparing and arranging unit holders’ meetings. With VPS Unit Holders’ Meeting it is easy to sign up and participate in the meeting, appoint a proxy and vote by proxy. The service simplifies the administration of unit holders’ meetings.

  • Fondstorget

    Fondstorget.no is a web service from VPS where private investors are offered easy access to the purchase of mutual funds directly from the fund management companies. In addition, the investor is given a neutral overview for comparison of mutual funds across the management companies.

  • Fund Distribution Services

    VPS offers within the Fund Services concept an additional set of tools and services to simplify distribution of funds in a cost efficient way. Through VPS’ network Distributors and Fund Managers can achieve full STP and regarding orders and settlement.

  • Fund Tax and Compliance Services

    The fund industry is constantly subject to new regulations. VPS offers a wide range of services to fund managers to meet legal requirements. With our concept Fund Services fund managers are offered opportunities to meet future legislative challenges in a cost efficient way.

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News 09.07.2019

All new issuers registering with VPS will be required to have a LEI after 29 March 2017.

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News 26.06.2019

The Norwegian Parliament adopted a new law on Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and on Securities Settlement, March 15th 2019.

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News 20.05.2019

Euronext announced that its shareholders unanimously voted in favour of Euronext’s acquisition of up to 100% of Oslo Børs VPS’s capital during the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 16 May 2019 in Amsterdam.

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News 27.03.2019

The Norwegian parliament is in the process of adopting a new law on Central securities depositories (CSDs) and on Securities settlement. The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs has presented its proposal in Innst. 166 L (2018-2019) (https://www.stortinget.no/no/Saker-og-publikasjoner/Publikasjoner/Innstillinger/Stortinget/2018-2019/inns-201819-166l/). The new law implements CSDR (the European Regulation on improving securities settlement in the European Union and on central securities depositories) into Norwegian law. The new law will replace the current Securities register act of 5. July 2002 nr. 64.

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News 22.03.2019

VPS submits today a proposed new rule document, the new VPS Rules for the Registration Activities and Related Ancillary Services.

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News 27.07.2018

Consultation concerning changes in VPO NOK in regards to Hold & Release

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News 26.06.2018

CSDR will apply to VPS and the Norwegian market, as for the rest of EU, when the regulation is incorporated in the EEA-agreement and implemented in Norwegian law.

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News 15.05.2018

VPS refer to our letter of 4 July 2017 regarding possible changes to the VPO NOK Rules and the invitation to participants and others to contribute in the consultation regarding those rules.

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News 15.03.2018

We provide you with relevant issues about who we are and what we do. You will get updated information about our products in addition to reading about e.g. seminars that we arrange. Have you heard about the new share savings account or the VPS 2.0? If not, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter where we regularly provide updated news.

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News 12.01.2018

VPS is currently reviewing the entire organisation in order to meet the challenges ahead in a best possible way. As part of this work, some changes have been made to the company's management team.

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News 13.06.2017

The EU-regulation for data protection, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be implemented into Norwegian law from May 2018.

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