Verdipapirsentralen ASA (VPS) was incorporated in 1985 in connection with the introduction of electronic securities registration to replace physical securities in Norway.

VPS is the only central securities depository in Norway, and provides an efficient infrastructure and services for the settlement of transactions in securities and the registration of ownership rights over securities. The company offers registration for all the major types of financial instruments that are traded in Norway, namely shares, bonds, equity certificates, short-term bonds and funds. VPS offers a range of products that is extensive even by international comparison.

VPS delivers its services for investors and issuers through a network of investment banks, brokers, banks and fund management companies. These entities, acting as account operators, are responsible for customer relationships with investors and issuers, and manage day-to-day access to VPS services.

The Articles of Association provides full details about VPS.


VPS Board and management