A cookie is a text file that is loaded or stored in the memory of your machine from a web page. The purpose of cookies is to keep the user logged on to the website and to give the user a better experience of the website.

There are three different types of cookies: persistent and session. In addition, local storage can be used for the same purpose.

If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can adjust the security settings in your browser. The website will then not work properly.

Browser Requirements
To use VPS web pages, you must use one of the following browsers:
• Chrome and Firefox: Two versions earlier than the latest version
• Internet Explorer 11 and later
• Safari 9 and later

It is always best to have the latest version of your browser installed. It provides the best functionality and security when browsing.

These cookies are used on vps.no

Cookie Purpose
LastMRH_Session For security purposes
F5_* (multiple) Used by infrastructure to control sessions
MRHSequence Cookie is used to keep the version of a set of cookies
MRHSession Keeps the user logged in.
MRHSHint cookie is used to carry information for SharePoint ActiveX controls.
XSRF-TOKEN Security cookie
Curlang Used for language settings
JSESSIONID Cookie used for session ID
5d6bb8402dae1b8363504661c68787a Cookies in this format is application specific to control appilication flow.
F5_VPS_session ( vil endre navn) Used to control application flow.
VIPlanguage Used for language settings