ECSDA – the European Central Securities Depositories Association

ECSDAECSDA represents 40 national and international central securities depositories (CSDs) across 37 European countries. The association provides a forum for European CSDs to exchange views and take forward projects of mutual interest. It aims to promote a constructive dialogue between the CSD community, European public authorities and all other stakeholders looking to achieve an optimal regulatory framework for clearing and settlement.

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T2S1_mediumT2S – Target2-Securities

T2S is an initiative by the European Central Bank to harmonise and integrate the settlement practices in Europe. VPS takes a positive view of participation in T2S in the future.

Press release 16.02.2012: VPS working towards joining T2S 

VPS’ letter to the European Central Bank 11 September 2009:
T2S_project_in_VPS (pdf, 251 kB)



ANNA – The Association of National Numbering Agencies


ANNA is involved in promoting, implementing, maintaining and publishing unified standards for securities and related financial instruments.

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AGC – The Association of Global Custodians


AGC is a group of global custodians that are major providers of settlement services to institutional investors worldwide.

The association, founded in 1997, seeks to address regulatory and market structural issues that are of common interest to global custodians.

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AGC has conducted its annual Depository Information-Gathering Project to obtain information necessary for U.S. investment funds to comply with U.S. Investment Company Act Rule 17f-7 analyzing requirements.

VPS has answered the Project’s Questionnaire, giving information related to all aspects of the running of the organization and the current conduct of its business.

Norway Questionnaire 2017-2018  (pdf, 326 kB)