VPO at Christmas and The New Year 2018

Opening hours Christmas and New Year 2018

Client service:
December 27-28: 08:00 - 16:00

December 27-28: 08:00 - 14:00


CSDR settlement discipline legislation level 2 is now published

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Notification of changes in VPO NOK Rules

Consultation concerning changes in VPO NOK in regards to Hold & Release

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When will VPS have an authorization under CSDR?

When VPS can apply for an authorization under CSDR is depending on when the regulation is included in the EEA-agreement and implemented in Norwegian law.

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When will VPS have an authorization under CSDR?

CSDR will apply to VPS and the Norwegian market, as for the rest of EU, when the regulation is incorporated in the EEA-agreement and implemented in Norwegian law.

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Changes to the VPO NOK Rules from 18 May 2018

VPS refer to our letter of 4 July 2017 regarding possible changes to the VPO NOK Rules and the invitation to participants and others to contribute in the consultation regarding those rules.

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New application from VPS for equity issuers

VPS has started developing a new service for equity issuers. The old service “Foretakstjenester” will be replaced during 2018 by the new service, VPS Issuer Services (VIS).

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New management team at VPS

VPS is currently reviewing the entire organisation in order to meet the challenges ahead in a best possible way. As part of this work, some changes have been made to the company's management team.

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VPO at Christmas and The New Year 2017

Opening hours Christmas and New Year 2017

Client service
December 27-29: 08:00 - 16:00

December 27-29: 08:00 - 14:00


VPS and Swift build closer links

Verdipapirsentralen ASA will reinforce its connectivity to SWIFT, which could make a shift in transaction volume to SwiftNet from other networks.

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Audun Bø, the new CEO, joined VPS on Monday 2 October

Audun Bø (born 1962) has previously held the position as Executive Vice President, Products and Markets, at Eika. Before joining Eika he was a director at Orkla Financial Investments.

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Annual event for private investors

The annual event for private investors, Den store Aksjekvelden 2017, is hosted by AksjeNorge, in cooperation with VPS. As usual, we will be present and have our stand at all the five events. We urge you to contact us for a chat about topics of current interest, such as the new share savings account.

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The EU ties listed companies closer to their shareholders

EU has recently adopted new requirements with the goal of making shareholders better able to exercise their rights, to enable transparency between companies and investors, and to increase shareholders’ influence on the companies in certain areas. The changes can be found in the amended Shareholders’ Rights Directive (abbreviated SRD II). The new rules will apply in the EU from June 2019. It is not known when the directive will be implemented in Norwegian law.

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Will all Nordic CSDs survive?

Nordic Post Trade is one of the most important Nordic conferences for the securities industry's mid and back office. The conference attracts leading experts and key speakers within the post-trade business to address the future industry challenges in the Nordic region. Sveinung Dyrdal represented VPS at this year's conference in Copenhagen in May, where he participated in a panel debate discussing “Will all Nordic CSDs survive?”

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VPS is proud to present the new logo

After many years with the same appearance, it was time for a renewal, and on 15 June we launched the new logo.

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New Data Protection Rules from 2018

The EU-regulation for data protection, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be implemented into Norwegian law from May 2018.

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Audun Bø to be the new Chief Executive Officer of VPS

Audun Bø (54) has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of VPS. He will take up the position no later than 1 December 2017.

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VPS is combining its fund and asset management services into a subsidiary company

VPS is combining its Fund Services business area with its subsidiary company Evolution. Its objective is to set up a combined unit that will create growth by delivering sought-after services to fund and asset management companies more quickly and efficiently than VPS and Evolution can achieve independently.

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Briefing on the Share Savings Account

VPS, AksjeNorge and the Norwegian Tax Administration invite participants in the securities industry to a briefing on the new Share Savings Account.

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