VPS delivers its services through account operators that act as an intermediary between VPS and the investor (account operator for the investor), or between VPS and the issuer (account operator for the issuer).

An account operator is a bank, fund manager, broker dealer or other type of investment firm. The account operator for the investor manages the VPS accounts on behalf of VPS, whereas the account operator for the issuer ensures correct registration of the issuer’s shares, bonds or other financial instruments in VPS. An entity that wishes to become an account operator for VPS must enter into an account operator agreement with VPS.


Services for account operators


VPS Corporate

VPS Corporate is a service designed to meet the needs of account operators and investment firms carrying out tasks on behalf of companies. The service provides access to information on securities registered with VPS and facilitates corporate actions such as new issues, distribution issues and acquisitions.

VPS Investor Services

VPS Investor Services (VPS IS) gives you easy access to our services for managing the investors’ accounts. Our basic services can be supplemented with additional functionality that assists you in offering a professional client support. All elements of the additional functionality are designed as a natural extension of the basic services.


All services for account operators