Banks, fund management companies and investment banks can become an account operator for investor with VPS.


What are the duties of an account operator for investor?

An Account operator for investor (KI) operates VPS accounts on behalf of its investors. This includes opening, maintaining, transferring and closing VPS accounts. All interaction between an individual investor and VPS takes place through the investor’s account operator.

The duties involved in operating VPS accounts on behalf of investors involve a number of additional services supplied by VPS. These include pledging accounts as collateral for loans, transfers of holdings between accounts, arranging mandates and authorities over accounts, issuing notifications of account movements to investors, investor statistics and not least reporting to the tax authorities. In addition, VPS also offers an application for distribution of fund products.

As a KI, you may also operate as distributor for VPS Client Services, sales outlet for fund management companies and securities dealers. You may also use the settlement services between securities dealers and fund management companies. In addition to this, we also offer you a fund distribution service. VPS can provide a separate nominee register for companies that wish to act as nominees on behalf of their customers.

An account operator for investor can access our services either through the web-based application VPS Investor Services or through a machine-to-machine interface. Investors can use the account operator’s website to access VPS Client Services for information on all their holdings of VPS-registered securities.


Criteria for becoming an Account operator for investor

Applications to become an account operator that satisfy the criteria will be approved by VPS. Account operators must also enter into an account operator agreement, and by entering into this agreement they also accept the VPS General Terms and Conditions.

Several types of entity may be authorised as an Account operator by VPS. Further information on the criteria for becoming an Account operator and the at any time applicable terms therefore may be found here.


How to become a provider of VPS Client Services?

VPS Client Services gives the investor full access to information on all his VPS-registered securities, regardless of which account operator he uses.

What is required of the distributor?

  • Placing the link for the VPS Client Services on their website or via a web service, ie Internet banking.
  • Sales and marketing service to own customers.
  • Maintain customer service to own customers.



The Account operator may choose to use either standard VPS design or a custom design profile on VPS Client Services. Selecting the latter requires design (colors and fonts etc.) to be added by VPS. Data is stored and maintained by VPS.