VPS Client Services gives you an overview of your VPS-registered holdings. In your mailbox you will have access to your annual statement and other relevant information your need for your tax return.

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How can I start to use VPS Client Services? Anyone who has a VPS account can use VPS Client Services. You can access VPS Client Services from your account operator’s website or internet banking service, or by contacting your account operator. Click here for a list of account operators
Who do I contact if I have a question about VPS Client Services? You should contact your account operator. Click here for a list of account operators
What is an account operator? An account operator is a bank, investment firm or fund Management Company where you can open a VPS account. The account operator will administer your VPS account, and will act on your behalf. Click here for more information on the services that account operators provide.
I am using more than one account operator – where do I log on to the VPS Client Services? You can access VPS Client Services from any of your account operators’ websites by using the same password. When accessing the service through your internet banking service, you do not need a password. Please contact your fund management company to get access to the service if you do not hold a VPS account with the company. Notice that additional services offered by the different account operators may vary.
Why are some of the securities I hold not included in my holdings or statements? You can either order a new password from the VPS Client Services login page or contact your account operator for assistance.
I have forgotten my password – what should I do? Securities that are not VPS-registered will not appear in your holdings or in your statements. If you hold securities that are not VPS-registered, an additional service is available that will allow you to register these securities.
Can anyone apply for shares in a share issue via VPS Client Services? If a share issue is a public issue and is open for subscription over the internet, you will be able to apply for shares via VPS Client Services. You will also be able to monitor the number of shares that are allotted to you.
What does it cost to use VPS Client Services? In general, all account operators offer VPS Client Services free of charge. However, there may be charges for some of the additional services available through VPS Client Services, for example the Transfer service. Please contact your account operator for information on charges.
How do I go about changing to a different account operator? You must first contact the new account operator you wish to use. Your new account operator will arrange the transfer of your existing holdings to a new VPS account, and will arrange for your old account to be closed. This works in much the same way as changing to a different bank.
How do I know which account operator I am using? The confirmations and annual reports that you receive will show the name of your account operator. The account operator will be shown as the ‘sender’. If you do not know how to contact your account operator: Click here for a list of account operators and links to their websites
How do I make changes to my VPS account? VPS cannot take instructions from investors to make changes to your VPS account. You must contact your account operator, who will make the changes for you. If you only want to update your e-mail address or telephone number, you can do this yourself by logging onto VPS Client Services.
How many VPS accounts can I have? There is no restriction on the number of VPS accounts you can have.
I am about to move – where should I send the change of address details for my VPS account? You must notify your account operator about your new address and to the Norwegian Population Register if you live in Norway. You do not need to notify VPS of your change of address.
How do I go about buying and selling fund units? Most account operators offer a service that will allow you to buy and sell fund units by using VPS Client Services. You will need to check with the fund management company whether they allow purchases and sales to take place via VPS Client Services.
Can anyone apply for shares in a share issue via VPS Client Services? If a share issue is a public issue and is open for subscription over the internet, you will be able to apply for shares via VPS Client Services. You will also be able to monitor the number of shares that are allotted to you.
Why aren’t all my securities included in my holdings? Securities that aren’t registered in VPS will not be shown in VPS Client Services.
How do we calculate the Return chart? The return chart shows the daily trend in the percentage return on your portfolio compared to the Oslo Stock Exchange Index. The formula compares the current value of the portfolio against yesterday’s value, adjusted for any yields and cash flows the last 24 hours. The return is calculated daily and shows one year history.
Why are some securities showing wrong value? Some transactions are missing cost price. The calculation of return/loss is therefore wrong. This is most common on transactions types; inheritance/gift, account to account transactions and some older transactions. We are in the process of producing a service where investor will be able to register cost price themselves.
Why isn’t the return value accurate? In VPS Client Services we do our calculations based on average acquisition value. If there has been several transactions in the same security, the calculated cost price will vary and the return will also vary. This return values is to give the investor a overview of there holdings in general, and is not meant to be used for reporting purposes.
Which values on the positions screen should be reported the tax authorities? None of the values should be reported.In the menu “Tax details” and sub menu “Holdings per Dec. 31” you’ll find the values that have been reported on your holdings. You will also be able to locate the values on your annual statement in your mailbox. Other values should not be used for tax reporting purposes.
Why isn’t the same information presented on PC/Mac, smartphone and tablet? Due to the different screen size of the devices, VPS has prioritized which columns that are presented on each different device. A tip would be to hold the mobile devices horizontally to increase the number of columns.
I’m missing a column. Why is it removed? VPS has prioritized between which information is most used and has setup the service accordingly. You are however able to choose which column you would like presented under the menu “Columns” over your Equities table in the Positions view.
Tax information Information from the Tax statement and the Annual statement is reported to the tax authorities. The Annual statement is to be used to check and confirm the annual tax return. Errors found in the statement are to be immediately reported to the fund management.
For foreign shareholders of Norwegian funds Dividend from Norwegian funds to personal shareholders not resident in Norway for tax purposes is subject to withholding tax. As for Norwegian residents, personal shareholders resident in EEA countries are only taxable for the part of the dividend exceeding a risk-free return on the investment (The Shareholder Model). If the taxation subject to Norwegian domestic tax legislation is favorable compared to the withholding tax, these shareholders will benefit from the taxation pursuant to the Shareholder Model and are entitled to apply for a refund of withholding tax. Foreign corporate shareholders in Norwegian funds are comprised by an exemption method. Corporate shareholders resident for tax purposes in non-EEA countries are nevertheless subject to withholding tax on dividend.