As the holder of a VPS account, you will receive various investor messages from VPS. You can choose whether to receive these messages electronically, or in printed form by post.

Messages sent to investors may include the following message types:

  • Notification: A notification is sent after every movement on your account, for example a change in holdings following a purchase or sale of securities, a change in account information, opening or closing the account
  • Annual Statement: The annual statement includes details of movements on your account together with the total figures that you will need for your tax return, as well as a statement of your holdings of securities at year-end
  • Disposals Statement: This is an annual statement reporting all your disposals (i.e. sales) of holdings of fund units. (If you hold shares, you will receive a Disposals Statement from the Tax Directorate’s Shareholder Register.)
  • Dividend payments: Notification of a payment that has been made to your account
  • Investor information: Information for investors sent by VPS or your account operator
  • Corporate information: Information from VPS-registered companies


Investor messages in the VPS Client Services service

VPS Client Services gives access to all messages received since 2000. The service also provides a search function for messages.

Every time a new message from VPS or from a company is sent to you, the message will be available immediately in VPS Client Services. You can choose whether you would like to receive messages in printed form by post, or whether you would like to be notified of messages by e-mail so that you can view them in VPS Client Services.


Would you like to stop receiving messages from VPS by post?

You can choose to receive messages solely in electronic form.

If you elect to receive messages electronically, you will be notified by e-mail each time a new message is available to view using VPS Client Services, and you will no longer receive printed copies of messages by post to your home address.

To change your preferences to electronic messages, log into VPS Client Services from your account operator’s website and change your account preferences (“kontotilpasninger”) to electronic messages.

Click here for a list of account operators that offer VPS Client Services