An account operator is a bank, a fund manager, a stockbroking firm or other type of investment firm where you can open a VPS account.

What is a VPS account?

You can only access the services that VPS offers through an account operator. Find an account operator

Account operators have a wide range of duties, but their main duties for investors are as follows:

  • Opening VPS accounts
  • Operation and maintenance of VPS accounts
  • Transfers and closures of VPS accounts
  • Carrying out transfers of holdings (shares and other securities)
  • Registering rights over VPS accounts (to use the account as collateral for a loan, etc.)
  • Registering mandates over VPS accounts (to allow a third party to view or operate the account, etc.)
  • Registering the cancellation of rights over VPS accounts
  • Answering enquires from investors

You will have direct access to some services for your account through the VPS Client Services service. However, not all instructions can be given online, and where this is not the case you will need to contact your account operator.

All account operators that operate VPS accounts are subject to VPS approval.