VPS offers registration for all the major types of financial instruments that are traded in Norway - shares, bonds, equity certificates, short-term bonds and mutual funds.

By registering financial instruments with VPS, the issuer will obtain great benefits and a significantly simpler everyday life. VPS offers services that provide benefits to both the issuer and its investors. We offer automated solutions for tax reporting, general meetings, dividend payments and communication with the investors.


Services for issuers


Register your company with VPS

VPS offers a broad range of services for companies. Through our automated solutions for corporate actions, general meetings and distribution of information, the company can easily administer all aspects of managing the shares. Updated information on shareholders is always available.

VPS Issuer Services

VPS Issuer Services provides the company with easy access to information about its shareholders. The share register will automatically be updated with purchases and sales, and you will be able to extract overviews of both current and historical ownership structure of the company.

 VPS Scrip Dividend Programme

The VPS Scrip Dividend Programme provides issuers with a flexible service when allowing shareholders to select if they would like dividend paid in cash, shares or a combination thereof. The programme supports both small and large companies.


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