By registering the shares with VPS, the company will obtain great benefits and a significantly simpler everyday life. VPS offers services that provide benefits to both the company and its owners. We offer automated solutions for tax reporting, general meetings, dividend payments and communication with the shareholders.

The company will get access to VPS Issuer Services upon registration of the shares. VPS Issuer Services gives the company a comprehensive overview of its shares and any other securities the company has issued. VPS Issuer Services also provides the company with easy access to information about its shareholders. You can log in to VPS Issuer Services here or via the website of your account operator. See all the benefits of registering your company with VPS here.

It is easy to register the company with VPS:

  1. Appoint an account operator
  2. The articles of association must state that the company is to be registered with a securities depository, unless the company is a public limited company
  3. Approval by the general meeting
  4. Advertisement in the official gazette issued by The Brønnøysund Register Centre


Registration with VPS of shares, bonds or other financial instruments requires that the company contacts an account operator. The account operator serves as the link between VPS and the company. Click here for a list of account operators registered with VPS.