VPS Client onboarding

We are launching the VPS Client onboarding, a self-service customer and account opening service. The service addresses challenges related to a safe and efficient process for opening a customer relationship with a Share Savings Account or an account for trading in mutual funds . By automating this, we are making everyday life easier for both the account operators and the investors.

VPS Tax services - FATCA and CRS

VPS offers a subscription for registering and reporting of FATCA and CRS data. The subscription scheme simplifies the reporting of information to the tax authorities that account operators are required to comply with according to international tax agreement

Share Savings

The Share Savings programme is a cost efficient service that is intended to encourage increased investment in shares among private investors. The service will help to lower the threshold for saving in shares by focusing on long-term savings.

Subscription Client

The Subscription Client streamlines the subscription process for both investors and subscription offices by allowing applications to be submitted without faxing or mailing paper forms. The service is available in VPS Client Services and can be linked to the company’s website and/or a website used by the subscription offices as required.

VPS Investor Services

VPS Investor Services (VPS IS) gives you easy access to our services for managing the investors’ accounts. Our basic services can be supplemented with additional functionality that assists you in offering a professional client support. All elements of the additional functionality are designed as a natural extension of the basic services.

GF Custody

GF Custody is a solution offered to sub-custodians to assist in connection with annual general meetings. In order for foreign investors to exercise their voting rights, VPS offers a solution that efficiently automates the re-registration of nominee-registered shares and registers the proxy voting instructions.