The Share Savings programme is a cost efficient service that is intended to encourage increased investment in shares among private investors. The service will help to lower the threshold for saving in shares by focusing on long-term savings.

Investment firms that use the Share Savings programme will have the opportunity of offering investors a simple and efficient method for regular savings in individual shares. VPS currently offers two Share Savings modules.


Management module

This module lets the investment firms manage the range of shares, ETNs and ETFs that the investors have selected for their savings programme. The following functionality is included:

  • Establishing share savings programmes
  • Managing the selection of shares offered
  • Assisting the investors with changes to their programmes
  • Monthly allocation of shares


Investor module

Investors may set up and manage their share savings programmes in this session. The Investor module can easily be integrated into the investment firm’s website or internet bank. The module includes functionality for:

  • Establishing share savings programmes
  • Viewing details of each savings programme
  • Changes to the savings programme
  • Listing savings programmes

An investor may establish up to three savings programmes with maximum five individual shares in each programme. The investor will receive an e-mail confirmation when establishing, changing or terminating a savings programme. Furthermore, a monthly notification of change is produced when shares are allocated.