The Subscription Client streamlines the subscription process for both investors and subscription offices by allowing applications to be submitted without faxing or mailing paper forms. The service is available in VPS Client Services and can be linked to the company’s website and/or a website used by the subscription offices as required.

The Subscription Client may be used by all investors holding a VPS account.

Investors may also open a new VPS account as part of the Subscription Client service. The new account will be blocked to prevent sales of securities until the investor has satisfied the account operator’s requirements for identity checks.


Benefits for the shareholders:

  • Benefits for the shareholders:• Easy to subscribe for shares.
  • Easy access to information on the issue.


VPS Client Services gives access to the following additional functionality:

  • Subscription directly in VPS Client Services.
  • Updated information on the status of the subscription.
  • Amendment/cancellation of the application before it has been approved by the broker.
  • Information on all online share issues and distribution sales that are currently in the subscription period.
  • Historical data on shares allotted in previous share issues and distribution sales.


Employee share issues

The Subscription Client is an efficient and secure service for employee share issues. For this purpose, VPS offers security modules for verifying applicants. A single sign-on link to the company’s own intranet system is also available. The single sign-on link ensures that only persons using the company’s intranet will be able to submit applications. Since users are pre-verified for an employee share issue, the applicant may open a new VPS account without having to wait for further identity checks. These new accounts will consequently not be blocked.


For the subscription office

In order to take advantage of the benefits offered by Subscription Client, the subscription office must have access to VPS Corporate. Subscriptions are submitted online and the subscription office is responsible for approving, rejecting or disregarding the applications. The subscription office can either approve applications individually or approve multiple applications.