We are launching the VPS Client onboarding, a self-service customer and account opening service. The service addresses challenges related to a safe and efficient process for opening a customer relationship with a Share Savings Account or an account for trading in mutual funds . By automating this, we are making everyday life easier for both the account operators and the investors.

The flexible solution is well integrated with the Share Savings Account and trading in mutual funds, and as such, investors will be self-serviced in relation to the most widely used savings solutions.


The service includes

  • VPS Client onboarding framework
  • A wide selection of accounts
  • Uploading of data from the National Registry
  • Verification of bank accounts registered with the KAR register
  • BankID signature of terms and conditions
  • File function for the agreement
  • Registration of FATCA/CRS information
  • KYC compliance
  • Account opening confirmation via ISO message

The modules may be assembled according to each account operator’s needs.

VPS Client onboarding – facilitates easy savings.