VPS Investor Services (VPS IS) gives you easy access to our services for managing the investors’ accounts. Our basic services can be supplemented with additional functionality that assists you in offering a professional client support. All elements of the additional functionality are designed as a natural extension of the basic services.


The basic services include:

Customer and account administration

  • Administration and maintenance of customer information.
  • Registration of ownership rights and mandates.
  • Authorisation to operate VPS Client Services.


Holdings and transfers

  • Information on customer holdings.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Returns on fixed income and equities.
  • Functionality to transfer holdings.


Administration tools

  • Information on equities and fixed income securities, and their respective issuers.
  • Bulk registrations of transfers and termination of VPS accounts.
  • Functionality to create templates for frequently used rights.


Additional functionality:

Distribution service is designed for fund managers’ distribution networks. The service provides functionality for distribution and sales of funds.

4 Eyes increases security and mitigates the risk of committing human errors by preparing specific transactions for additional control by a second operator.

FAKTBasis counts the transactions, rights, transfers and mandates, giving the basis for invoicing investors. Additional services may also be registered.

Reports is a service allowing account operators to upload predefined reports. Reports available are lists of holdings in a specified ISIN, accounts without holdings and a complete list of all VPS-accounts.

Investor messages gives the account operator access to all notifications, annual statements and other messages sent to investors.