The fund industry is constantly subject to new regulations. VPS offers a wide range of services to fund managers to meet legal requirements. With our concept Fund Services fund managers are offered opportunities to meet future legislative challenges in a cost efficient way.


Guarantee of proper registration of your securities

Included in Fund Services fund managers are offered the opportunity to keep holdings of all shareholders in a neutral central securities register. A VPS account may be pledged as collateral, such as collateral for a loan. VPS is authorized by the Norwegian authorities as a securities register, and is subject to strict rules for the security of its activities.


Quality of information

As a service operator VPS offers to keep basic information related to public registers updated at all times, to ensure quality of information in the shareholder register and in all processing services. This includes validation of postal codes, tax codes etc. VPS also offers services for validating and updating address information against available government registers in Norway and Sweden.


Tax reporting

VPS offers tax reporting services to shareholders and tax authorities according to local legislation in Norway, Sweden and Finland. VPS calculates and distributes tax reports to the different parties to simplify tax reporting for both fund managers and unit owners. The service also includes supplementary reporting to tax authorities when needed.


Audit Trail

All information registered in Fund Services has a complete set of audit trail information, including authorized registrar and timestamps. All transactions and changes in the register are recorded, and are available for easy reporting and compliance control.


4-Eyes principle

Main functions in Fund Services may be used with 4-Eyes principle at the fund managers preference. Business rules for these functions are implemented on fund or fund manager level.


Statistics and fund reporting

VPS offers standardized reporting services for fund reporting to government institutions and industry associations according to Norwegian and Swedish requirements.