VPS offers fund managers an efficient solution for preparing and arranging unit holders’ meetings. With VPS Unit Holders’ Meeting it is easy to sign up and participate in the meeting, appoint a proxy and vote by proxy. The service simplifies the administration of unit holders’ meetings.


After registering the results from the votes, the fund managers will be able to extract reports and protocols.


Our service includes functionality for:

  • setting up new meetings
  • registering meeting agendas
  • distributing invitations to unit holders
  • signing up for the meeting
  • proxy voting
  • attendance by proxy
  • registering results from the voting
  • reports and protocols

The shareholder register is the basis for defining eligible voters and their respective voting share.

VPS can distribute invitations to investors who have their e-mail address registered in VPS Client Services. VPS can also produce lists to be used as a basis for distributing invitations to investors who do not have their e-mail registered in the VPS.

A unique reference number and PIN-code is generated for each unit holder to be used for signing up for the meeting. It is possible to sign up in VPS Client Services or through a link (provided by VPS) on the fund manager’s website.

Prior to the commencement of the unit holders’ meeting, the fund manager can keep track of who has signed up, who has voted or appointed a proxy for the meeting. Directly after the meeting, the fund manager can update the results from the voting and extract protocols and reports.


VPS Unit Holders’ Meeting consists of the following modules:

  • VPS Unit Holders’ Meeting – Used by fund managers for efficient administration of meetings. The service includes functionality for distribution of invitations to unit holders and report/protocol management.
  • Log-on module – Used by investors without access to VPS Client Services. Contains solutions for signing up, appointing a proxy or voting in advance of a meeting. A link to this module is placed on the fund manager’s homepage.
  • VPS Client Services – Used by the investor. The unitholders receive information about the meeting in their electronic mailbox. Here they can find the meeting notices and annual reports. The unitholder can sign up, appoint a proxy or vote in advance of the meeting.


VPS Unitholders’ Meeting can be used both by fund managers which use the VPS shareholder register and by fund managers with registers from other technical solutions.