VPS Settlement Benchmark

VPS Settlement Benchmark provides statistics for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the VPS settlement system. The service facilitates comparisons between own data and market data and is also available to liquidity banks and lenders to the securities loan pool.

VPS Corporate

VPS Corporate is a service designed to meet the needs of account operators and investment firms carrying out tasks on behalf of companies. The service provides access to information on securities registered with VPS and facilitates corporate actions such as new issues, distribution issues and acquisitions

VPS Monitoring Solution

VPS Monitoring Solution is a service for monitoring employees’ trading in securities carried out on their proprietary accounts. The service provides an efficient assistance to keep you in compliance with the duties imposed by Section 8 of the Securities Trading Act.

Extended balance check and sweeping

Extended balance check is a service for settlement participants that have their securities on several accounts and would like to see them as a whole when VPS carries out the balance checks. If securities required for settlement are not available, extended balance checking can be used to identify securities held on other accounts.

VPS Clearing and Settlement

VPS Clearing and Settlement is a service for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the Norwegian central securities settlement. The service is also a valuable tool for liquidity banks and asset managers.

Message Exchange ISO 15022

VPS uses the international standard for the exchange of electronic messages between participants in the securities markets, ISO 15022. This allows participants in the settlement system to apply the same standard for their communications with both customers and VPS.

VPS Bilateral securities lending

VPS facilitates bilateral securities lending. Our system solution simplifies registration of the loan agreements and the conditions therefore. VPS arranges for establishment and redemption of the loan whereas the lender and borrower agree on the corresponding business terms.

Automatic securities lending programme

The automatic securities lending programme helps reduce the incidence of transactions that cannot be settled due to lack of securities. The service lets the participants execute their transactions as agreed with their counterparts.