VPS Corporate is a service designed to meet the needs of account operators and investment firms carrying out tasks on behalf of companies. The service provides access to information on securities registered with VPS and facilitates corporate actions such as new issues, distribution issues and acquisitions

All companies (issuers) that wish to register their shares, bonds or other financial instruments with VPS must use an account operator. Commercial banks, savings banks, credit institutions that issue bonds, fund managers and investment firms may be authorised as account operators.


VPS Corporate is used by account operators for:

  • Registering new companies and establishing new ISINs.
  • Registering and carrying out corporate actions.
  • Carrying out general meetings.


VPS Corporate is used by managers of issues and investment firms for:

  • Efficient and reliable management of new issues/distribution issues and acquisitions.
  • Facilitating subscriptions for issues via VPS Subscription Client.
  • Registration of subscription applications and acceptances.


VPS Corporate gives all users access to:

  • Information on the shares, equity certificates, warrants and subscription rights registered with VPS.
  • Information on all current and past corporate actions.
  • Integrated solution for carrying out settlement in relation to corporate actions.


VPS Corporate also provides services used by investment firms for allocating shares when carrying out new issues and distribution issues.