is a web service from VPS where private investors are offered easy access to the purchase of mutual funds directly from the fund management companies. In addition, the investor is given a neutral overview for comparison of mutual funds across the management companies.


About is an open web page with a list of all the funds made available by the participating fund managers with a comprehensive set of information about these. The page also contains finance news from the E24 news feed and live rates from Oslo Stock Exchange. The page is responsive and designed for use on PC / Mac, tablet or on a mobile.

Management companies are offered access to through the established VPS services for setup and distribution of their funds. The service gives investors a unique opportunity to trade funds across fund managers in the Norwegian mutual funds market through one application. An overview of the, at any given time available funds, is included both in total and per fund management company. All orders are placed directly to the management company’s own order book in VPS Fund Services and following the ordinary subscription procedures from there.

The Investor is authenticated by Bank ID. This can be done through the Bank ID app, Bank ID for mobile or regular Bank ID.

Purchase of Funds requires that the investor has an active VPS account.


The functionality and features of the service

  • A welcome screen that shows the top 10 funds that have the best results at any given time as assessed by a variety of search parameters.
  • Along with key figures on the individual fund, the investor can access additional fund information provided by Morningstar.
  • A list of funds from which the user is presented with an overview of all funds that is available for purchase on The list is also charted with key figures and sorting options for the individual funds various performance parameters.
  • An option of directly accessing the “buy fund” functionality by clicking on the shopping cart icon.
  • Easy access to a holding list of the investors own VPS registered funds including a direct purchase opportunity from each fund.
  • The investor must log on to the service In order to execute the full order of funds and in order to view the list of the current fund holdings.