VPS Client Services provides your customers with information on all their VPS-registered securities. In a completely new graphic appearance, the investors will be able to follow the development of their VPS portfolios, giving them various overviews of their recent holdings and transactions as well as historic data.

VPS Client Services is currently distributed via most Norwegian banks, fund managers and broker dealers. Through a major renewal program, all existing services will be upgraded and new services will be added.


What is new?

  • New platform and architecture for self-service solutions
  • New and modern design
  • Responsive solution for computer, mobile and tablet
  • Statements of holdings including graphical representations and yield calculations
  • Statements of transactions showing all transaction details
  • Tracking of holdings and transactions further back in time
  • Market data and other types of information for all VPS-registered securities
  • Improved export and search functionality

VPS Client Services includes basic services available to all investors.  Additionally, you may offer your customers a comprehensive set of supplementary services.


Basic services

Basic services are available to all customers regardless of which account operator they use and include the following:

The Statement of Holdings gives the investor an overview (including gain/loss calculations) of all holdings of shares, fund units, bonds and other securities. The summary may be viewed either for each VPS account separately, or in total for all the investor’s accounts.

The Statement of Transactions lists all the transactions made by an investor.

The Mailbox operates as an electronic archive. The mailbox will show all notifications, annual statements and fund statements going back including year 2000.

Account information and personal information contain details of the investor’s personal information such as postal address, bank accounts, telephone number and e-mail address.

Functionality for export of data and excellent search options are both basic services.


Supplementary services

The following are optional services that you may offer your customers as a part of VPS Client Services:

Funds trading lets investors buy, sell and exchange funds and establish savings agreements.

By using Transfers, the investors may transfer shares and fund units between their VPS accounts.

Account Opening lets new customers open VPS accounts.

Securities information gives information on all VPS-registered securities.

If a company offers VPS Share Savings for its employees, the employee will be able to keep track of their investments.

Extended access gives investors the opportunity to view holdings and transactions for all VPS accounts for which they hold separate authorizations (e.g. children’s accounts or companies’ accounts).


Services for issuers

You may offer these additional services to issuers:

  • Share issues listing current issues and re-sales, subscriptions and allocations.
  • The General meetings service provides information on general meetings to be held by companies in which investor holds shares, bonds or fund units. It allows investors to sign up, appoint proxies for a meeting or vote in advance.
  • The Corporate actions service provides information on corporate actions such as share splits, reverse splits, share issues, mergers and demergers.

Style sheet

VPS Client Services may be styled to fit with your company’s graphic profile.