VPS Scrip Dividend Programme

The VPS Scrip Dividend Programme provides issuers with a flexible service when allowing shareholders to select if they would like dividend paid in cash, shares or a combination thereof. The programme supports both small and large companies.

Electronic reports

Companies spend considerable amounts each year on printing and distributing various types of documents. Electronic reports is a reliable method for companies to communicate with their shareholders quickly and cost efficiently. Electronic reports enables your company to bring together all investor information into one channel.

Nominee ID

Nominee ID identifies beneficial owners and fund managers holding securities registered in nominee accounts and not appearing in the company’s VPS shareholder registry. The service is available through the web-based customer portal IR InTouch.

General Meetings

Our service covers all stages of arranging general meetings. It provides assistance in preparing and organizing meetings as well as support at the meeting itself, saving the company time and money.

VPS Employee Share Savings

VPS Employee Share Savings is the most comprehensive program for companies that want to encourage employees to participate in the company’s growth and value creation. We offer a solution that simplifies and streamlines the administrative tasks involved.

VPS Issuer Services

VPS Issuer Services provides the company with easy access to information about its shareholders. The share register will automatically be updated with purchases and sales, and you will be able to extract overviews of both current and historical ownership structure of the company.

Register your company with VPS

VPS offers a broad range of services for companies. Through our automated solutions for corporate actions, general meetings and distribution of information, the company can easily administer all aspects of managing the shares. Updated information on shareholders is always available.