Companies spend considerable amounts each year on printing and distributing various types of documents. Electronic reports is a reliable method for companies to communicate with their shareholders quickly and cost efficiently. Electronic reports enables your company to bring together all investor information into one channel.

The service reduces the cost of producing and distributing these reports in printed form. Shareholders who have accepted receiving electronic reports will be notified by e-mail whenever a new report is available in VPS Client Services.

VPS offers electronic distribution of:

  • Annual, bi-annual, tertiary, quarterly and weekly reports
  • Press releases
  • Notices of general meetings
  • Prospectuses
  • Market information


Shareholders who want to receive reports in printed form still have the option to do so.

The company will, at any time, have a complete overview of the number of shareholders receiving electronic reports.

The Electronic reports service is available to all companies that use VPS Company Services.