VPS offers a broad range of services for companies. Through our automated solutions for corporate actions, general meetings and distribution of information, the company can easily administer all aspects of managing the shares. Updated information on shareholders is always available.

By registering the shares with VPS, the interest of both the shareholders and the company is protected. We offer automated solutions for tax reporting, dividend payments and communication with the shareholders.


Benefits for the company:

  • Easy access to updated shareholder information.
  • Tools for sending electronic reports including financial reports, press releases and other market information to shareholders.
  • Calculation and distribution of dividends.
  • Efficient procedures for corporate actions, including share issues.
  • For Norwegian companies, VPS carries out the mandatory reporting of share register information to the Norwegian tax authorities.
  • VPS distributes annual statements to shareholders with information on their holdings, dividends and valuations for Norwegian tax purposes


Benefits for the shareholders:

  • Easy access to information on holdings and transactions via VPS Client Services.
  • Electronic subscription for shares in new share issues and distribution sales.
  • Online service for registering attendance for general meetings.
  • Collateral management service (pledging of securities).


How to register your company with VPS

VPS delivers its services through banks (account operators) serving as the link between VPS and the company. Registration with VPS requires that the company contacts an account operator. The articles of association must state that the company is to be registered with VPS (approved by the general meeting). Finally, the registration must be advertised in the official gazette issued by The Brønnøysund Register Centre.


VPS offers registration for all the major types of financial instruments traded in Norway – equities, equity certificates,
bonds (including short-term bonds known as ‘sertifikater’) and fund units.